Smart Search Simplifies The Complexity of Mobile Phones

1487906404_79b0e3790d_m2I recently read a BBC article called New phone features ‘baffle users’, which suggests that users are frustrated and angry about the complexity of modern mobile phones. 

They referred to a study by Mformation, that found 85% of users reporting they were frustrated by the difficulty of getting a new phone up and working and that 95% would try more new services if phones were easier to set up.  I loved one question which equated setting up a new mobile phone as being as difficult as moving bank accounts.  

I have to wonder if a tool like T9 Nav Smart Search could alleviate the frustration felt by these users and improve the survey results.  T9 Nav not only makes it easy to discover and use content on your device, such as applications, settings, music, themes, it also helps discover off-device content.  

The biggest problem for me when changing phones is that the interface for finding anything changes radically on each device.  With each phone I’ve had, I’ve had to spend the first block of time with the device, just trying to learn the different ways to access what I want and looking for ways to set up short cuts to simplify this process going forward.  I’ve even kept within a phone brand, when buying a new phone, only to find that this doesn’t help with the interface learning curve.  Manufacturers radically change the phone interface from one device to another.   So you can pretty much count on a learning curve each time you want that new cool device.  

That is another T9 Nav advantage for me.  If you are familiar with the concept of one-key-press per letter typing -a la T9 Predictive Text -the tool works the same way.  More importantly,  it works in that same manner on each phone.  So you don’t have to learn a new way to access your phone features and content each time you change phones.


5 responses to “Smart Search Simplifies The Complexity of Mobile Phones

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  2. I can’t agree with you.I have been with mobile about 6 years and feeling good.

  3. Luck you! You must be part of the few, the proud 15% they refer to who are satisfied.

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  5. Thanks for post. It’s really imformative stuff.

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