A Key Press Too Far

371177532_46fc1c5cc3_mAs I become more immersed in technologies -or as more technologies find their way into more products in my life  -I am becoming less tolerant of having to invest time and key presses to get to the feature I want.  No where is this more true than with my mobile phone.  I tend to upgrade my phone every 1-2 years.  With each new device, I like to see what kind of features and aps are included.  This novelty lasts about a day.  By day two, I’m annoyed with having to remember how to turn this on with this device or where I can find that mp3 I just loaded.   That is where T9 Nav comes in.  T9 Nav is a simple way to access almost anything stored on your device with a few key presses.  

Say you can’t remember under which menu  Bluetooth sits.  Type in B  L  U E (or 2  5  8  3). Bluetooth shows up in your list of results. 

All you have to do is scroll down to Bluetooth and select it. You are immediately taken to the Bluetooth settings application.  No need to remember its exact location.  T9 Nav doesn’t just tell you where it is;  it takes you there:

Select Bluetooth setting with only three clicks

Select Bluetooth setting with only three clicks


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