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A Taste of T9 Nav from Symbian-Lifeblog,, Nokia E65 BlogSpot, & AAS Reviews

Here are some notable highlights from some recent reviews of T9 Nav in the media, including this video review: 

Carleton Lindow Jr, gives T9 Nav high ratings in both his review on and Nokia E65 BlogSpot:

“5 out of 5”

“A must have” 


“T9 Nav ‘serves the shortest shortcut”

Symbian-Lifeblog highlights on how you can use T9 Nav to directly locate the theme that you are looking by just pressing the first few letters of its name.   Once you find it, you can set it on by simply selecting it.  

“Simple as that”


According to Steve Litchfield’s review on All About Symbian:

“T9 Nav does “what it promises – obviating the need for the S60 menu and bringing its contents (and a lot more) into the existing home/standby screen”.


The review also goes on to say: 

“One of T9Nav’s best…abilities is that it searches within numeric fields. Suppose someone calls your landline while you were out but you don’t recognise the number. Remembering just the last few digits “something 8382….” you open up your phone and tap in 8382 into the standby screen/T9Nav. Any matches in your Contacts will be shown.

“Very useful indeed.”

References: See links under Reviews section in the left-hand column.


Smart Search Simplifies The Complexity of Mobile Phones

1487906404_79b0e3790d_m2I recently read a BBC article called New phone features ‘baffle users’, which suggests that users are frustrated and angry about the complexity of modern mobile phones. 

They referred to a study by Mformation, that found 85% of users reporting they were frustrated by the difficulty of getting a new phone up and working and that 95% would try more new services if phones were easier to set up.  I loved one question which equated setting up a new mobile phone as being as difficult as moving bank accounts.  

I have to wonder if a tool like T9 Nav Smart Search could alleviate the frustration felt by these users and improve the survey results.  T9 Nav not only makes it easy to discover and use content on your device, such as applications, settings, music, themes, it also helps discover off-device content.  

The biggest problem for me when changing phones is that the interface for finding anything changes radically on each device.  With each phone I’ve had, I’ve had to spend the first block of time with the device, just trying to learn the different ways to access what I want and looking for ways to set up short cuts to simplify this process going forward.  I’ve even kept within a phone brand, when buying a new phone, only to find that this doesn’t help with the interface learning curve.  Manufacturers radically change the phone interface from one device to another.   So you can pretty much count on a learning curve each time you want that new cool device.  

That is another T9 Nav advantage for me.  If you are familiar with the concept of one-key-press per letter typing -a la T9 Predictive Text -the tool works the same way.  More importantly,  it works in that same manner on each phone.  So you don’t have to learn a new way to access your phone features and content each time you change phones.

Feel the Power, Get the Mobile Search Results You Want

3248483447_95d2e9957a1I don’t want to ‘browse”- I want to “find”.  When I’m mobile, my level of impatience for finding what I want escalates. At the same time, my tolerance for search results that aren’t relevant plummets.   If I’m looking for news, I want it to be local to me.  If I only search for music once a month, I don’t want my search results to be littered with the latest songs.  

I don’t want to spend a lot of time teaching the phone to understand my personal habits, but I do want the power to shape the results I’m looking for. 

That is the power of T9 Nav.  It monitor usage patterns, to improve it’s predictive technique.  It also let’s me set up what is searchable on my device (if I want to). For example,  I can choose to search all my messages or not as standard practice.  

I can configure it so that all music results go under the media tab instead of in the front screen results.  I can still find them easily, but don’t need them always in the front tab.

I can also configure for one or more regions, so that I can shape the search results towards popular content for my location.   That way, I’m empowered to ensure I can find what I want.  I get to influence the context and relevance of what I find.

Too Many Files, Too Little Time

Too many files, too little time

Do you have lots of applications on your phone -stored within folders and sub folders? Or do you have tons of music loaded on your device?  Or 100’s of photos?  Or more contacts than you even realized you knew?  

If you are like me, you keep adding content to your device.  At the same time, you get frustrated with how long it takes to find what you are looking for.  It is all about content discoverability.  With T9 nav, all you need to do is key in the name or phone number for the content you are looking for right from the standby/idle screen.  It gives you direct access to virtually anything on your device.   As you press more keys it presents options.  When you see what you want in the list, just click on it and you will be taken to it.    If you have a S60/ Symbian 60 V3 phone, check it out on  Nokia Software Market:

A Key Press Too Far

371177532_46fc1c5cc3_mAs I become more immersed in technologies -or as more technologies find their way into more products in my life  -I am becoming less tolerant of having to invest time and key presses to get to the feature I want.  No where is this more true than with my mobile phone.  I tend to upgrade my phone every 1-2 years.  With each new device, I like to see what kind of features and aps are included.  This novelty lasts about a day.  By day two, I’m annoyed with having to remember how to turn this on with this device or where I can find that mp3 I just loaded.   That is where T9 Nav comes in.  T9 Nav is a simple way to access almost anything stored on your device with a few key presses.  

Say you can’t remember under which menu  Bluetooth sits.  Type in B  L  U E (or 2  5  8  3). Bluetooth shows up in your list of results. 

All you have to do is scroll down to Bluetooth and select it. You are immediately taken to the Bluetooth settings application.  No need to remember its exact location.  T9 Nav doesn’t just tell you where it is;  it takes you there:

Select Bluetooth setting with only three clicks

Select Bluetooth setting with only three clicks

You Can Now Get T9 Nav for Your S60 Phone

t9navss If you have a S60 (third edition) phone and want to turbo charge it, you can now get T9Nav from the  Nokia Software Market.     With T9 Nav on your phone, you can bypass opening menus and options to directly access the features, applications, data and content you want -on the phone or on the network.   


Unlock the Power of Your Mobile Phone

2062697414_2bcd8b02de_mT9 Nav is a mobile search application that provides fast, easy access to features, applications content and data stored on your mobile device, as well as to information and content available online. With T9 Nav, you can bypass complex device menus to quickly get to the information and content that you want. It starts working right from the home screen of your 12 key mobile phone. Similar to T9 predictive text, T9 Nav allows you to simply type the first few letters or numbers of whatever you’re looking for. As soon as you press a numbered key, T9 Nav starts looking for anything on your device, or on your carrier’s mobile website, that matches the numbers or letters on that key.